Sunday, 22 May 2011

Better late than never

Well, January came and went pretty damn quick, closely followed by February, March, April. May is hanging in there by the skin of it's teeth and.........shock horror I have actually done some painting.

I tend to have lots of ideas; they get written in a book so I don't forget them and so I can add little bits here and there and generally refine them. Titles. I have titles in my head; they can be phrases, a play on words, a statement. Whatever!  Then I think about how best to express them with models. As well as doing single minis for competitions, I also developed a love for cool, fun  dioramas. I like people to look and then do a double-take. If I can make them laugh, or maybe prompt a thought then that's even better.

My latest painting project has been one of those slow boilers. Whilst the theme has most definitely not changed, the way to express it has. So, have you seen the film "Once upon a Time in Mexico" starring Johnny Depp?  Well, my piece is based on one of the classic lines from the film...

These are WIP shots; got lots of tidying up to do, plus a friend suggested that maybe the Mexican't should be drunk with a bottle of Tequila by his side. I was going to have him shot.....but I'm warming to the idea of him just being completely out of his head :)  Just need to see if my sculpting skills will oblige ;)

In the meantime, enjoy and I'll update...erm...soon!

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