Monday, 10 January 2011

Big plans and all that...

Well, after my stunningly high number of posts for 2010, if I only make one more post in 2011 I will have increased by 50%!  Blogs are strange things; great ideas but actually require a reasonable amount of work. As a child, I always kept a diary but this trailed off as an adult which is just about when life starts to get interesting. Maybe that's it, too much stuff going on means you never have time to actually write about it.

Anyway, back to models and painting which is really what this place is all about. I need motivation; I've not painted anything since Euro Millitaire in September 2010. It's that life stuff again - too busy - but now I have a week off as my other half is in Japan. In fairness I have actually prepped a model (yay!) and undercoated another.

The models in question is Poupee Canoupe's Pregnant Cyborg and Tales of War's Captain Hook character. Couldn't be more different from each other :D  I'll get some pictures up later

Well, that's it for my first post of 2011. Lets hope I have it in me to sustain more throughout the year.

Happy New Year everyone x


  1. Happy New Year! Maybe a comment would give you some encouragement? This blog oozes potential, a future entirely unwritten.

  2. Ah! thank you for the encouragement. If only I'd visited my own blog *blush* But onwards and upwards - I have posted some pictures!